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Hello all,

I realise I’ve been a lousy updater on my blog but I have a new website if you are interested. It’s on but I think you can still follow it from Anyway, I just got it started and am committed to keeping it updated since I am covering all 5 of my Zazzle shops on it instead of trying to maintain individual blogs for each shop. Hopefully the combining of all 5 on one site will help me focus better.

My new website is hyperlinked below. It should open in a new window.

Inspired Designs 4 U


Happy Year of the Rooster (2017)! The year 2017 is a rooster year and the element fire. This is according to the system of Chinese astrology

Designed by Freepik
Year of the Rooster. Pic designed by

All pics from


T-Shirt with My Design

A couple of months ago I ordered a t-shirt from Zazzle that I did the design for to see how it looked “in real life”. Anyway, I found the shirt was a bit smaller than ideal and the text did not print as crisply as I had hoped. It may have been the fact I ordered a heather gray colour shirt and the text was black. So the contrast would not have been great but I didn’t consider that when I ordered it. Here I will post pics of my shirt I designed and bought. Sorry about the white paint but I forgot to set the date so the time stamp was way off and would have been confusing.



I Have A New Blog

My other Zazzle shop now has a blog. NewAgeInspiration is my other shop on Zazzle (.ca) and I felt it deserved its own blog so made one yesterday for it. I’d be really grateful if you went over and followed it. Thanks in advance šŸ™‚ Here’s the linkĀ

Making Typography Now

Last month I updated my photo editing software to Corel PaintShop Pro X8 from X3 and realised the text features were a lot better. So I quickly found I love fonts and enjoy making typographical designs like quotes and messages of my own. It appeals to the writer in me even though it is only quotes and sentences or phrases and words. Also, it allows me to take a break from doing purely image based designs. I am considering adding more typographic designs to my art on RedBubble too (another print on demand site).

A t-shirt with a typographical design of mine.

Weeding My Designs

Today I found more designs in my largest online shop to delete so am at about 1 097 or Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā 1 098 total. This feels like an improvement to me but I don’t feel like I have weeded enough to add any new designs to my shop. The challenge is to keep my store interesting but not overwhelming or sparse. Yesterday I figured 500 items was a lofty goal but achievable, now I am not so sure. It has already taken a lot of discipline to delete as many designs as I have so far. I don’t want to leave so few designs in my shop that it looks ‘under stocked’ though so I will try to get below 1000 but not much less.

My shop is like a garden except some of the weeds are pretty and I have trouble getting rid of them! haha

It’s Hard Staying Productive

Since I work for print on demand companies in a freelance capacity it can be hard to motivate myself. The problem now is I have seen a slowing down in sales made so I feel a sense of defeat. When I am doing well selling more than an item everyday I can find the inner resources required to push ahead. But when sales slow down I just get ‘bummed’ and start imagining how everything is going sideways instead of up.

There is also the concern over having too many products that don’t sell which causes me to not want to add any new designs to my shops. By not adding new items I am forced to market/promote my designs which has never been something I enjoy or find easy. I don’t mind promoting stuff but if it’s all I am doing I lose ‘steam’.

Move over puppy-I am joining you! šŸ˜›

I’ve been trying to delete more of my designs lately that never sold or had views in the past 6 months to several years. Generally I delete designs that don’t sell within 6 months or get views because it’s too difficult to expect customers to sift through an endless array of designs. If I really like the design I will keep it but typically I end up deleting so I can add the odd new design which in turn helps me feel better. Yesterday I deleted between 75-100+ designs so I am below 1200 items again. Ideally, I am trying to achieve fewer than 1000 because people aren’t going to look at all of my designs even if they are all good. So I actually want to reduce the total number of items to about 500 or so max. That is going to be a real challenge since I have cut a lot of the designs already, including ones I liked.

Oh well, guess I will finish here and report back later on how I did deleting even more of my designs.


50% Off Invites, Stickers and Labels

Use the code: SENDINGZLOVE for 50% off stickers, labels and invites and 15% off everything else. Code is good until March 21- 11:59pm (23:59 h).

Cow Love Bumper Sticker
Cow Love Bumper Sticker by LovelyDesigns4U
Make your own bumper sticker online at zazzle

A Pair of Earrings I Designed

Here’s a pair of earrings I created recently. They have the psychology symbol on them but it’s also used in math.

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