I’m so happy to have you visit my blog. Thank you for stopping by. I created this blog to showcase my Zazzle and CafePress designs I do. Promoting one’s work can be expensive but fortunately I can show some of my designs on here. Designing for Zazzle and CafePress is my employment for now since I have been unemployed from the traditional labour force for awhile now. When I discovered I could use my creativity and possibly be paid for it I felt a sense of hope that perhaps I would not have to endure continuing to look for paid work that would be unsatisfying.

The last type of work I was doing was in the social services sector but I became “burnt out” after only a few years. It was not the right type of work for me. My need for intellectual stimulation as well as creative expression was unable to shine in the jobs I occupied at the time. Ultimately, I became depressed and unable to continue working so I left paid employment to focus on getting healthy. Fortunately, I had a parent to support me as I attended therapy and looked, unsuccessfully, for paid employment in another area. The economy is poor globally and it’s no different here in Canada where I live, especially Nova Scotia.

Last Autumn I was told by a friend about Zazzle. At first I thought nothing of it and figured it would be boring and unsatisfying. As it turns out though it was quite satisfying and enjoyable. I really appreciated being allowed the creative expression I had been denied whilst in the social services sector. Suddenly I was able to have fun and maybe get paid for it if enough people bought my designs on the products sold by Zazzle. It’s been slow going so far and I haven’t actually made enough to even get a cheque for $50 Canadian which is the minimum amount you need to make before being paid. The payment is through royalties on products. Since Zazzle provides the products the designer gets a royalty when the product sells.

Setting this blog up I hope to reach more people than I am currently and perhaps make a sale or two.

Thank you for reading and visiting.

P.S. You may call me “Natasha” instead of “lovelydesigns4u2” lol!