I thought I might share with you the type of designs I do for Zazzle and CafePress. Since I have two stores on Zazzle I have slightly different focuses. My CafePress designs tend to be a combination of all my Zazzle designs but a bit different. I haven’t been on CafePress as long so there’s less direction with the content.

My main Zazzle shop is the same as my blog’s title and the other one is NewAgeInspiration. In my main shop I have a lot of animal, floral and whimsical type designs; whereas, in my other store I focus more on New Age designs in the broadest sense. So I have religious symbols, meditation, astrology, positive messages and the like. Each store has its own focus but since I am the one doing the designs there is some unintended overlap at times. For instance, I sometimes include animal designs in my New Age shop.

So far I have not sold very much but I only recently got into focusing my time on the designs. Previously it was more of a hobby I’d engage in every once in awhile. Now I try to design for products more regularly. I’ve also started trying to do themes and ‘sets’ for certain things like astrology. Currently, I have mugs and t-shirts with all 12 zodiac signs on them both Western and Asian. It takes me a bit longer to do it this way but I like having complete collections where possible.

The designs on the Zazzle products come from images I have either created myself or curated from the internet (royalty free). Many are a combination of each with a curated image modified in some way. The range of products you’ll find my designs on is wide. There’s everything from coffee mugs and t-shirts to posters, baby pacifiers, electronics cases and more. My favourite items to design on are mugs and t-shirts but I have loads of other items too.

Well that’s it for now. Thanks for reading and I’ll try to include more about myself as I get this blog going (I just started it yesterday 27/09/13.