Today I added a new sort of design on my Zazzle products. Public domain artworks. Art that is old enough to be off royalty and copyright. So now I have products such as a few mouse pads and men’s ties with classic art on them. This is just for starters because I only just realized I could use artwork from over a century ago on my Zazzle stuff. As an appreciator of art I enjoy being able to place real art from the 18th and 19th centuries. Some of the art is from as far back as the fifteenth century! But I just use what I like and it seems to be working out so far. I also am using public domain illustrations from books that are no longer on copyright. It’s a great way to make rather interesting product designs. Of course I could try doing my own art and I may still do this but for the time being I am using royalty free and copyright free images. The exception being on CafePress where I have designs composed of clipart I modified to make pictures. On the whole though I use the images I curate from the internet no longer on copyright.

My favourite art movements are impressionism, realism, northern renaissance, renaissance, Japonism, romanticism and lots of others! As such, you’ll see examples from most of those techniques/movements displayed on the products in my Zazzle shop.

Here are a couple of products with the designs I mentioned I did today: