There is a sale on at Zazzle! 75% off all iPhone 4/4s cases; and 50% off all watches and clocks at the .com site for Zazzle. These sales are for so may not apply if you go to or etc. But they may be so if you are at or uk or australia, etc. you can still try.

There is also a 25% off sale on all t-shirts and 10% off all products until Nov. 6. Again, I am not sure how these sales work on all the international Zazzle sites but do visit your appropriate site and check.

My Zazzle link is here if you wish to see my designs:

Other ways to get to Zazzle are through the or .uk, .de, .fr and so on. The .com is for U.S. and .uk for the U.K; .de is for Germany; .fr is France and .au for Australia. Just go to bottom of the page of Zazzle and click on the Worldwide or International Zazzle for your country.