Well I sold two items in the past two days so I am pleased as that is good for me. I sold a kid’s t-shirt to a woman in the U.S. and a coffee mug to a woman in Switzerland! I’m always surprised when people from different countries buy my stuff, it’s very cool for me. For some reason having a person buy your things from halfway ’round the world is just neat. I appreciate EVERY customer though! Someone from my country or the U.S. is awesome too!!

Every sale means a lot to me because I am not a pro at this by any means. I am always grateful to have my items bought by anyone. There are tonnes of products out there to buy and the fact someone decides to buy mine makes me happy.

Today CafePress and Zazzle are continuing their Black Friday sales so if you haven’t looked at the things on sale you should do so today! There are some really great sales on that make the merchandise very affordable.

My Zazzle shop is: http://zazzle.ca/lovelydesigns4u

My CafePress shop is: http://cafepress.com/lovelydesigns4u2

Thank you again for your support-be it through reading my posts or buying something I designed! 🙂