Happy Holidays! I have been somewhat busy with the holidays so haven’t posted lately but I wanted to tell you I opened a new shop. This shop is on the Zazzle.com domain not the Zazzle.ca one like my other two. Not too long ago I thought you had to be an American to sell on the Zazzle.com site so was only on Zazzle.ca; then I realized my belief had been erroneous so I signed up late on Monday and opened my shop! Now I have my Zazzle.ca shops and my new shop on the .com site.  The .com shop I opened is cute animal theme designs so I named the shop “CuteAnimalDesigns4U”. It’s like my LovelyDesigns4U shop but just animal designs. Later, I might change it or have a second shop but for now I will just work on getting this one up and running. So far I am pleased to have made the switch when I did because I get to make calendars on the .com site but not on the .ca site. Just in time for 2014 calendars!

I also realized the default royalty for products on both domains is only 5%! That is so pitiful I can’t imagine how anyone can make anything with a royalty so low-even if you sell a lot of stuff you would not make much. My royalty on the .ca domain is 10% (it was higher but I wasn’t selling much so lowered it), whilst my royalty on the .com site is 8.5% because 5% equals next to nothing even on expensive items. How do you know what royalty to set your products at if you’re a shop owner on Zazzle? Do you keep it low and sell more or raise it and sell less? Or does it matter unless the royalty is 15% and higher?

Well, I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday over the next few days.