I’ve been dreadful posting on this blog this month and must apologize. My other blogs have not fared much better. Sales in December were very good for my Zazzle and CafePress shops; January, however, has not been as busy. I suppose post holiday bank accounts aren’t as ‘healthy’ now that the bills are arriving for last month’s celebrations. That being said I have sold a few items but January is likely not a great sales month in general anyhow. Either way I don’t worry about it I simply try to keep my designs ‘fresh’ and hope someone sees something they like enough to buy it!

My Zazzle.com store is coming along but I’ve only sold 4 calendars and one throw pillow so far. Even so, it’s early days (I only opened last month) and I will try to promote my products more too. Marketing can be time consuming and it is likely harder because I am just relying on free modes of promotion such as social media.

Anyhow, I will try to do better with posting more frequently.