Oh my gosh! I can’t believe how long it’s been since I blogged on here. My humblest apologies to anyone who actually missed my not so interesting posts.

The reason for my not posting any updates is mostly due to feeling like I had too many blogs to keep up. As a result I pretty much quit blogging altogether until recently when I thought I might give it a shot again. I’ll only have this one and another on Weebly to keep up now though so hopefully I can manage that!

My shops on Zazzle are selling items but I do need to put more effort into marketing because they aren’t going to sell themselves (at least not at the volume I would like). Zazzle recently introduced a ranking system only we designers can see and it’s caused me to really review how I’ve been performing. Sales haven’t been too bad lately but I weeded out a lot of my products that never had any views. Now I have just a fraction of products in my shops so I hope what is left is seen more now than it was prior to my deleting loads of products.

The way I see it is potential buyers don’t want to look through 10 000 items or 100+ pages of products; thus I cut lots of unpopular stuff and have fewer than 2 000 items and much less to see. All the culling of products I had designed made me feel disheartened for awhile but I think I eliminated enough stuff so am back to creating new designs. This time around though I am thinking more critically about what I create because I don’t want to simply create things unless I feel good about them. I suppose it’s quality control that I’m imposing on myself, whereas before I just added designs so I would have products in my shops.

I still don’t have a very high ranking in Zazzle’s new rank system they’ve given designers. My primary store is a 5 out of 10 and the others are all 4s. Apparently 4 is pretty average but it means you end up with bad real estate in the Zazzle market place. If loads of us have a 4 ranking then we are never going to be having our products viewed unless we bring buyers through other avenues like blogging.

Only time will tell if my efforts pay off. So far I have had people buying things but mostly stuff that has sold previously-not much ‘new’ stuff not bought in the past. If I figure out what makes one’s Zazzle rank improve I will be very happy. Unfortunately rankings are not updated regularly so it might be a few weeks before anything changes.