On Zazzle there is a ranking system that shop owners/designers can see but not customers. It’s based on a scale from 0-10 with 0 being very bad and 10 being fantastic. The higher your rank the better ‘real estate’ you have in the Zazzle market place. At this point it’s hard to tell precisely what contributes to one’s rank improving or dropping. One thing seems to be clear though and that is the more products you have that are seen and bought the better. Beyond that it’s a bit of a mystery.

My five shops on Zazzle (three on .com and two on .ca)were all a 4 except for my primary store which was a 5 for about several weeks-prior to that it was a 4 like the others. Well I guess the rankings were calculated yesterday or the day before because a lot of people saw changes. Mine all went from 4 to 5 except for one that is still a 4. My theory on why one didn’t improve is I didn’t focus as much of my attention on it as I did the other 4 shops I have.

But I am not complaining because I didn’t expect improvement in that one shop that remained at a 4 rank. I’m actually pleased that my rank went up in 4 out of 5 of my shops. If I can keep increasing the rank number I will be satisfied. Likely it will not reach an 8 or 9 but 6 or 7 would be fine with me.

Yay for Zazzle rank increase! lol I’m happy 🙂