For those of you who work from home and are in charge of your own earning potential, do you work on the weekends or give yourself the break? In some ways it feels like I am always at work because I do my designs at home rather than somewhere in a public space/office.


Maybe I just feel this way because I am still trying to establish myself. Apparently there are designers on Zazzle, who are not Disney, and they can make a living doing it. Is that something everyone can do if they make an effort? Or is that just for the lucky few who have managed to get what the rest of us (average designers on Zazzle) are trying to obtain?

Can someone who relies on Public Domain art even expect to EVER reach a point where a viable income is within sight? I do all my designs with Public Domain art or with text options Zazzle provides. So far I have no hope of making a viable living doing this unless I somehow manage to reach more people interested in my designs.

I really need to get past my attention anxiety and allow more people to know what I am doing.

Any other introverted and socially anxious people out there who manage to market their work effectively?

An example of a calendar I designed and sold recently from my shop NewAgeInspiration. Visit the link to view the rest of it: