Admittedly my graphic design abilities are a bit basic but I am trying to improve. This is my attempt at being a little more unique when using public domain images to design with. I figure if I can alter them a bit that may help somewhat. Since I am not yet very proficient in using my Corel PaintShop Pro software though it is going to take time for me to design anything noteworthy.

It is still easier to use Zazzle design features in some ways like for text/font styles however. I tried to use the text feature in PaintShop Pro and couldn’t figure out how to change the font or if there were no others available. The pen tool and paintbrush might help but I haven’t the best fine motor coordination so that may be a problem.

So far I have been simply enlarging images and figuring out how to not distort the picture’s quality. That made me happy for about a day but I need to do more than just enlarge images successfully. I will work on expanding my skills in PaintShop Pro.

Learning new skills. Image is from public domain-I didn’t alter it.

Thanks for reading.