I’ve decided to design more for Society6 now that I’ve figured out how to resize images appropriately. Zazzle and CafePress are still my main sites I design for but I wanted to branch out some and try other POD sites. Redbubble is still not one I am big on because it requires more artist style work and I don’t want to spend all my time doing that. My art abilities are decent but I don’t really have much suitable for the platform (apart from the odd digital art piece), as my art tends to be pencil sketches and I haven’t drawn much since the early 2000s. They accept written art but I don’t want to post my poetry or short stories. Most of the writing I do these days is prose unintended for sale anyway. So I will stick to design and the bit of graphic design I can do for now.

Cute hedgehogs…just because 🙂

It would be nice if I could do more on CafePress but lately their editing feature has been working poorly. The design only shows properly if you view it in the marketplace, not your personal page with all your designs. So it is rather bad if a customer sees it and thinks you don’t care how your designs look, when in fact it is just a bug in the CafePress site. They have a lot of bugs on their site though so it is hard to feel confident it will be fixed anytime soon. I am grateful my products are being bought from the marketplace though as I don’t do any marketing.

Thanks for reading.