At one time I was only on Zazzle and CafePress with my designs but I have since branched out. Now I am on CafePress, Cow cow, RedBubble, Society6, Fine art America, Skreened and Zazzle. So I have realised there are many of these POD (print on demand) sites you can join and fine art America was my most recent. Before that I had just joined Cow cow but I haven’t sold anything yet from Cow cow or fine art America.

Cow cow ladies one piece jumpsuit

For a long time I thought you had to be an awesome artist to be on fine art America (like someone famous or well established-don’t laugh!), but then I explored the site more and decided I’d give it a try. Now I have my art on there but I don’t have very much because I only just started creating digital art and the rest are from years ago. It took a lot of courage for me to put my art on fine art America because I usually don’t show any of my personal work to others. On most of the POD sites I use Public Domain images or my own typographic designs, which feels less like I’m exposing myself to the world.

Public Domain image.

Since I started creating digital art about a month ago I have really taken an interest in using more of my own art in my designs (rather than relying on public domain images). It makes me feel better about what I am doing because I feel an ownership over my designs I didn’t experience with public domain pics. I will still use public domain stuff but try to mix more of my own art in at the same time.

Let’s Celebrate shower curtain on Society6