I have updated my blog theme to the rather fitting ‘2016’ one in keeping with my quest to be more relevant. Even my OS got an update! Hello Windows 10 and thank you MS for the freebie. If you have Windows 7 or 8 you can upgrade to 10 for free currently. I recently got a refurbished laptop with Windows 7 OS on it and little else so didn’t mind upgrading to 10 for free. It feels better than 7 because I was using Vista for the past 8 years so 7 sort of seemed minimalist to me (in contrast). In comparison Windows 10 is familiar to me with its added apps and whatnot. Makes me miss crappy Vista a little less! LOL

My Zazzle.com store sign I designed.

My Zazzle shops all got updated banners and store signs I designed myself, as did Society6 and a few others that allow personalisation. It’s part of my goal to have more of my designs be my own instead of Public Domain ones. Although it took less effort using PD images it makes me feel better if I use ones I either created or at least modified myself.

The only problem is it’s more fun to create the art than it is to do the work of putting it on a product. Guess there are always trade offs in anything 😛